Where should I go for Service? Coggin Honda Jacksonville or small auto repair center?

Every car, whether new or pre-owned, must receive regular service and maintenance repair in order to maintain its working driving condition. A well serviced car, truck SUV or van has a much better fuel economy, powertrain performance, safety features, minimal repair issues and overall extended life span. The average American drives 13,476 miles per year. Imagine the wear and tear that puts on your vehicle. High quality service and maintenance car repair is very important. Therefore, Honda owners must find the right mechanic and service technician to perform the necessary and recommended repairs, services, and routine maintenance for your vehicle. Should you go to a All Pro Auto Repair, JJ's Auto Care, B&D Automotive, or do you go to a dealership? Coggin Honda Jacksonville to be exact. Below is helpful information to help you decide where to go to receive service and maintenance repair for your car.  

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Coggin Honda Jacksonville

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Directions Jacksonville, FL 32225

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Coggin Honda of Orlando vs Small Repair Shops

Factory Trained Staff

The benefits of a Honda service from factory trained staff are endless. 

  • Service technicians are trained and qualified to perform repairs on the all Honda makes. 

  • Coggin Honda Jacksonville technicians are manufacturer certified professionals that produce meticulous, exceptional service repair results on all Honda models. 

  • Only the manufacturer offers these training program to their network of dealerships. 

  • Whether you own a new or older Honda, our technicians will identify and repair your issue.

  • Only a dealership can detect and repair a recall issue which can also be performed at the time of your service. 

Genuine Honda Parts

The Honda brand has commanded respect for decades and one of these reasons is because of the master work of craftsmanship under the hood. Over time, parts will need to be replaced and the best place to go to is Coggin Honda Jacksonville where we only used Genuine Honda Parts. 

  • Cheaper, discounted prices on aftermarket products from auto service centers like All Pro Auto Repair, JJ's Auto Care, B&D Automotive are not better than genuine Honda authorized parts.

  • Non-OEM parts could potentially pose a threat to the mechanical integrity of your Honda. 

  • Hyundai provides warranties for OEM parts will not do the same for aftermarket products.
Overall, the best service center to go to for your Honda repairs is our dealership Coggin Honda Jacksonville. From a Honda Accord to a Honda Ridgeline, our certified service technicians are trusted and knowledgeable of every mechanic aspect of all Hyundai models. So would you trust a repair shop that lacks the certifications needed to perform service on your luxury vehicle or would you rather receive service from a knowledgeable, experienced, and certified Honda dealership service technician? Furthermore, we will exceptionally perform your regularly scheduled maintenance items such an oil change, tire rotation, wheel alignment and more to large items that require genuine Honda part replacements. Schedule your online service appointment today so you can experience an exclusive service appointment with your personally assignment service advisor and certified Honda technician. We look forward to serving you.