Hunger Fight Press Release

Honda Jacksonville Announces Sponsorship of Hunger Fight to Help Feed Local Children in Need

Coggin Honda Jacksonville, a part of Florida dealer group Coggin Automotive, today announced its corporate sponsorship of the Jacksonville charity Hunger Fight. Hunger Fight is non-profit organization dedicated to significantly reducing the number of hungry children and families in the First Coast and surrounding area. Through Coggin Honda Jacksonville's sponsorship, tens of thousands of nutritious meals will be provided to local children in need.

Over 28% of children in Florida are food insecure, much higher than the national average. Food insecurity is simply defined as not knowing where your next meal will come from. Hunger Fight works with local businesses, organizations and individuals to reduce the number of hungry children and families in the Jacksonville area. They raise funds for meals through exciting local events such as fun runs, scavenger hunts and food packing sessions.

Ryun Pavlicek, general manager of Coggin Honda Jacksonville, commented, "Hunger Fight is an outstanding local organization that provides an invaluable service for our area children in need. Childhood hunger is a serious problem that affects all of us in some way and we all need to work together to help end it. No child should ever go hungry and we're partnering with Hunger Fight to do what we can to feed more food insecure children in our community."

Food packing events are at the heart of Hunger Fight. During these sessions, participants gather and form assembly lines to package thousands of meals that will be delivered to hungry children. Volunteers as young as six years old measure, fill, seal and box fortified rice and beans, and macaroni and cheese meals with the capacity to feed a family of six. The packaged meals are then dispersed to local food banks, including Second Harvest, throughout the area. Meals then require only the addition of boiling water to prepare.

Hunger Fight's innovative food packages were developed by some of the world's leading food scientists at Cargill, Pillsbury, General Mills and ADM. One package provides six nutritionally-complete meals for only 25 cents per serving. Through Hunger Fight's efficient food packing process, $100 plus two hours of one person's time is enough to feed a child one nutritious meal a day for an entire year.

"With the help of sponsors like Coggin Honda Jacksonville we are able to make a huge impact on those who are food insecure and hungry here in the First Coast," said Hunger Fight executive director Sherri Linden Porter.

Upcoming events that Coggin Honda Jacksonville will sponsor include a Family Fun Run at the Jacksonville Zoo on August 17, a Motorcycle Rally Scavenger Hunt at Hurricane Grill & Wings in San Marco on September 7 and a food packing event at the dealership showroom in early November. The initial goal of Coggin Honda Jacksonville's food packing event is to provide 40,000 meals for hungry children in the local area.

Community members can learn more, volunteer or donate to help feed hungry children at: Hunger Fight.