Safety on the highway is important from your daily commute to family road trips for the upcoming holidays! We have some tips and tricks to keep you safe at all times and your Honda vehicle best prepared on your trip. 

1. Daily Necessities Will Come In Handy

As silly as it sounds common necessities such as a phone charger, aspirin and flash light can save you big time during special emergency on the highway. Most items needed are accessible at gas stations or drugstore that you may pass while driving. Browsing through the travel items section before you hit the road or at your first pit-stop may give you options of items you never thought you needed, but could need. 

2. Be Best Prepared Before You Drive Off

Make sure you have everything as organized as you can before you head out on your trip. Do you know the direction you are going, and if not do you already have your GPS connected? Have your music playlist already set or make sure your passenger is prepared to take over if needed. Utilize high tech features that our Honda models offer like bluetooth compatibility with Apple CarPlay or Android AutoPlay to stay hands free and prepared. If you have children accompanying you on your drive, find ways to keep them entertained as much as possible to cause the least amount of distraction. Being better prepared allows you to be more focused on the roads during your drive.

3. Can You Take Care Of Your Vehicle In Case Of Emergency

Basic knowledge about your vehicle can help you in great times of despair. Skill sets such as how to check oil levels, tire pressure, changing a tire etc... and having the right tools to do so can save you money, time and stress in case of emergency. Even having your vehicle inspected before you plan a road trip can present you with peace of mind during your travels and it allows you to learn about any serious conditions you may need to know about your vehicle. 


These basic tips can save you BIG on your next journey and our team at Coggin Honda Jacksonville wants to make sure your vehicle is well taken care of. Feel free to contact our service department for questions or schedule your next service visit at:
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