Car payments, car insurance, gas, oil changes etc... these are all things we consciously think about when it comes to taking care of our vehicles, but to keep the longevity of our cars up and running; routine maintenance will be key.

There are many things that can save you money in the long run and even your life with consistent check ups with your vehicle. Our experience Honda service technicians are highly trained to spot small issues before they turn into a larger problem, and point out recalls that can be fixed for free, that you may have missed or never been notified about. Our goal here at Coggin Honda Jacksonville is to keep our customers safe and save you money by properly taking care of the vehicle you are in. 

Recalls, Recalls, Recalls
Honda takes great efforts to reach out to all of its customers to inform them of this recall, and we at Coggin Honda Jacksonville want to make sure we do our part as well. Coggin family, whether you own a Honda or Acura, take time to check to see if your vehicle has any open recalls to make sure you are driving safe. These services are to be performed by experienced technicians to properly care for your vehicle, and at no charge! Many people think that fixing these types of problems may result in an extra expense, but these services are done by professionals for free. 

Yes, FREE! Small steps like checking your VIN number once a month, or keeping up with you routine maintenance can really make a difference in the way your car operates and even safety precautions.

Have you checked your VIN number recently? When was the last time you checked your VIN number for a recall? If you took longer than a minute to think about that questions, you may want to check your vehicle to see if it is currently up to date!

Click here to check you current Honda and/or Acura and click here to schedule your next service!

Thank you for checking in with our blogs, and I look forward to giving you more details about Honda in February! 

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