Honda Week Of Service June

Around 16,000 volunteers joined Honda for the Honda Week of Service last month. An array of community service acts were performed work with the help of local community organizations throughout North America. 

Honda partnered with Agape Distribution, a non-profit organization is Sidney, Ohio that sustains a food bank where people can get groceries for free. Honda volunteers spruced up the exterior of distribution center with a few coats of fresh paint.

"When people come down here, they're really beat down by life. They come in and get 95 pounds of free groceries, and it brings hope to them," said John Geissler, CEO of Agape Distribution. "I dreamed about getting this building painted, so our customers don't look like they're going to a food pantry, they look like they're going to a grocery store. It's everything to me."

Agape Distribution was one of hundreds of organizations that partnered with Honda's Week of Service held June 10-19. Over 400 volunteers from Honda associates to dealers and suppliers participated in group volunteer activities in 41 states, including Canada and Mexico.

"It felt great to pitch in, roll up my sleeves and help Bread of Life do its job of feeding people in need," said Yolanda White, a Honda associate from Honda Manufacturing of Indiana. "It was a rewarding experience."

Team Honda provided assistance through a wide range of activities, from food drives and blood drives to adopt-a-pet events and home repair.

The community impact from the Team Honda Week of Service included the following:
  • 60,000 canned goods & meals provided
  • 3,000 families fed
  • 600 pints of blood donated
  • 350 bags of trash collected
  • 2,500 children provided school supplies
  • 200 animals helped/adopted
  • 75 homes painted/refurbished
  • Approximately $75,000 in individual charitable donations
"We are so thankful to our associates and business partners who took time out to help improve the lives of people in the communities where we live and work," said Executive Vice President Rick Schostek, Honda North America, Inc. "This week was an example of what can happen when a team of people come together to help their neighbors."

Honda's Week of Service corresponded with the Honda's Founder's Day in North America, which marks the establishment of the first Honda business operation in the region, in California, on June 11, 1959.

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